The Critical Scholarship and Social Transformation (CSST) Program is  a new hub of interdisciplinary critical social inquiry at York University.  The aim of the CSST Program is to incubate and support research that both advances critical theory and research methods and embraces the transformation of social and political life.

The primary aim of the CSST Program is the development of innovative boundary testing social science and humanities research.  The CSST Program brings together faculty and students working across such disciplines as sociology, political science, geography, social and political thought, feminist, gender, and sexuality studies and cultural studies.  Activities of the CSST Program include regular seminars, workshops and conferences; facilitating editorial collaboration of the many national and international journals with which York faculty are closely connected; extending graduate and undergraduate educational and research opportunities; coordinating research grant applications; linking to community-based research and educational initiatives; hosting visiting faculty and researchers; and deepening linkages to similar academic research institutions in China, India, Korea, South America, the US and Europe.